We develop important life skills through live creative projects for all ages.


Our Mission

Teaching life skills helps people develop self-confidence. It helps them know what to do in everyday situations as well as how to make good decisions about long term choices. All of our projects help people develop an understanding of the life skills and attributes that are needed in working life, something which employers have told us is currently missing from the people they interview for job roles. These skills, such as being able to communicate effectively in a variety of situations, showing initiative, creativity and integrity, and having a good work attitude, are valuable across all industries. These skills and attributes should be nurtured from as early age as possible, so that young people have time to develop the attributes that employers really want; and not just qualifications on paper. 


“Projects like this are worth their weight in gold to us”


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Our Workshops

Our projects and workshops are suitable for schools, youth clubs, and organisations for young people or mature learners to take part in. We deliver fast paced, real live creative projects using hands on learning and collaborative engaging technology. All workshops can be tailored to be a one day event with one group, or spread over a week with multiple sessions and with a celebratory exhibition of everyone's work at the end.

All of the projects we set give the participants involved a sense of responsibility by making them the lead creatives and decision makers in how the projects pan out. Because of this, each workshop is different and has a different outcome. Our projects are creative and designed to be “fun", and because of this those taking part don't initially realise they are learning vital skills that will help them in future life.





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