Just nine days before our ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ project was due to launch, the main funders went into liquidation, and we were left with no financial backing, and a lot of young people, still eager to take part. We simply could not let them down, and so we continued with the project anyway, funding it ourselves where possible, and raising sponsorship money from some very generous local businesses and individuals. Thank you to each and everyone one of you who has given so willingly.

We are delighted to announce that the donation money now exceeds the initial funding we were due to receive, thanks to a very generous donation from Nisa’s ‘Making a Difference Locally’ Charity. 


As a result, the project is now steaming ahead as originally planned, but thanks to all of the donations so far we can now make the project even better, increase the Design Team, and really enhance the children’s experience as young designers through extension activities.

We are obviously delighted by the turn of events. 

OFFICIAL Press Release from 'Making a Difference Locally'

Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity has supported an initiative to encourage more children to visit museums this month. The charity donated a huge £3,000 to Hull-based Creative Briefs for their ‘Walking with Dinostars’ project, which will allow local children the opportunity to design a new exhibit at the Dinostar Museum in Hull.

With guidance from the design team at Creative Briefs, a group of six children between the ages of seven and ten will make key decisions in the design, build, installation, and promotion of a new exhibit at the museum on Humber Street. The new exhibit will feature four artifacts from the BBC’s 'Walking with Dinosaurs' series and will feature in the main museum for two months.

A ‘Design a Dinosaur’ competition was held as part of the national Kids in Museums Day initiative, giving children the chance to register their interest in the opportunity before ‘auditioning’ for a place on the design team. The selected final six will work alongside Creative Briefs to create the new exhibition and learn valuable creative and digital skills, as well as seeing their designs and ideas brought to life.

The project was left without funding when the initial financial support fell through just nine days before the project was due to launch. With primary schools, youth clubs and other young members of the public enthusiastic to take part, Making a Difference Locally offered to support the project with the £3,000 donation after experiencing Creative Brief’s commitment to the children and their entrepreneurial spirit first-hand.

Rebecca Shipham, project leader from Creative Briefs, said: “The team at Creative Briefs and Dinostar are thrilled with the donation from Making a Difference Locally. The donation means that this project can continue to the standard it deserves and we can give the children involved the best experience possible. Making a Difference Locally really has ‘made a difference’! We are delighted!”

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