FLASH! Bishop Burton College

The Art & Design Department at Bishop Burton College received a visit from Creative Briefs today.

This week we’ve been promoting ‘Flash’ Education Sessions on Twitter. Eagle eyed schools and colleges have been looking out for our tweets advertising a session, and the first to respond has won a workshop the following day.

This week, Bishop Burton Students were fastest on the tweets, and won a fantastic taster session where we got them thinking creatively, with a fast paced design project from two industry professional designers.

With our guidance on quick ways to come up with initial ideas, students were soon coming up with ideas to enter our Creative Thinking Competition. 

College projects often last weeks, but in industry a design sometimes needs to be turned around in a few days. Our session was a great way of encouraging students to think quickly, to get ideas out of their head and on to paper, with brainstorming sessions, sketches, notes, and without worrying too much about making it perfect.

The following day we were delighted to receive finalised worked up designs, from all the students ideas. We were really impressed with the quick turnaround from the initial sketches through to professional presentations to help sell their design ideas.

Design proposals