Grimsby Institute

Yesterday, Rebecca from Creative Briefs visited The Grimsby Institute, to talk to design students about her work as a self-employed designer.

It was a great session. Rebecca gave a short presentation, introducing herself, and her work, with a back history of her career to date. Having only recently won UK’s Freelancer of the Year, Rebecca had lots of stories about how hard work and determination can help you succeed, particularly in a competitive industry like design.

Rebecca giving her presentation

Rebecca giving her presentation

Rebecca also gave a short presentation showing ‘tricks of the trade’ with visualising and presentation techniques, to help students get their ideas across. Rebecca showed that sometimes it’s not about being the best at drawing, but by implementing certain skills, and by playing to your strengths, you can really bring a design to life. 

Student Presentations

Having given her advice, Rebecca stayed in to the afternoon session to watch students give their design presentations for a recent project. The quality of work was great to see, and it was helpful for the students to get feedback from Rebecca, an industry professional, to help them excel further.

All student work was great, but Rebecca chose 3 students to feature on our site. The following students showed real promise, and their presentations really helped sell their designs to her. 

Daniel Milner with his designs for Braille Playing Cards for the blind

James Willey with his designs for t-shirts that hides builders bums 

Jay Nevas with his stadium designs