South Hunsley School

This morning we went to South Hunsley School in East Yorkshire to talk to Year 10 students as part of their Business Enterprise Week.


Rebecca gave her business story, and gave advice for the students to consider when it came to making their own life choices.

As a past student of the school, it was really great for Rebecca to go back, see the school again, and to talk to staff, some of which were there when she was a student. Rebecca really enjoyed giving a presentation to her old school about successes in her career.

The over all theme of the session was for students to focus on what they enjoy, to find their passion in life and to follow it in terms of a career path.
To work for joy, and not just for money. 

‘Vocation', ‘Entrepreneur', ‘Creativity'... just a few of the words the students developed an understanding of throughout the session.

Over 130 students attended the talk, which was part of a full week of activities and workshops. The students themselves were fantastic, all of them got involved and some were brave enough to put their hands up and answer some questions. Not easy to do in a room packed full of peers!

Thank you to South Hunsley for having us, and we hope to see you all again soon!