Dinostar and Creative Briefs the Beasts project.

Overview of the project by Steve Plater at Dinostar – The Dinosaur Experience


Dinostar is about dinosaurs.  Children like dinosaurs.  Since opening we have always tried to make our museum attractive and welcoming to children of all ages.  Exhibits can be touched, buttons can be pressed and flaps can be lifted!  The Creative Briefs project took this one step further, allowing children to design the exhibits themselves.


The project was to take some of our models from the Walking with Beasts television series and design an exhibit for the first gallery of our museum.


The project began with recruitment days.  Schools, a Cub Pack and the general public came to Dinostar to take part in a design workshop culminating in a “pitch” to a video camera.  Candidates designed dinosaurs of all shapes, sizes, colours and smells!  From the videos a Design Team was selected – a group of children who demonstrated a particular aptitude for the design process and who showed bucket-loads of creativity.


A month or so later the Design Team began work with a series of Saturday morning sessions led by Creative Briefs.  The sessions researched information about the artefacts which would be on display.  The dinosaur museum itself sparked ideas for the displays, and experts were consulted.  An exhibition builder answered the team’s questions about build practicalities.  A blind young lady provided her own perspective on how exhibits should be designed to be accessible to everyone.


By the end of the sessions designs for the displays had been finalised and the exhibition was built.  The result was amazing – a child-friendly exhibit with bags of imagination.  Visitors experienced the artefacts in exciting, varied and original displays.  The Design Team experienced something quite special.  They got to design a real exhibit in a real dinosaur museum, and they did a great job!


Steve Plater

Dinostar – The Dinosaur Experience