A Flag For Hull.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy organising our next project, to engage the people of Hull in the task of designing a new flag for Hull. This gives people of all ages the chance to show us what Hull means to them, through symbolism and creativity, and to give everyone a chance to share their stories about the city. 

We’ve piloted this project at Sutton Park Primary School, with terrific results. We’ll be blogging more about that later, but needless to say the children involved were immensely creative, thinking about Hull’s past, present, and future, to present us with imaginative representations of ‘their’ Hull. 

Yesterday we had the honour of visiting the Lord Mayor of Hull in her parlour, to outline the project, and to ask for her blessing to continue. We felt it was so important to make it clear to her that this project to design a Flag for Hull is about personal stories, and not in any way to replace the iconic ‘Three Crowns’ of Hull. 

We are delighted to say that the Lord Mayor was very excited about the project, and had no hesitation in giving us her blessing to continue. She even gave us her ideas for her own entry!

Presenting the project over tea and cake!

Presenting the project over tea and cake!

Well done to Tahliah, aged 9, for writing to the Lord Mayor to introduce the project, and to ‘Big Jim’ for coming with us and presenting his ideas over tea and cake. 

From here it’s all systems go, to get this project moving forward. Watch this space for more information soon!