Show us your Spark - Workshop 1

Hull based charity Dyslexia Sparks approached us to help with their branding and promotion of their services. This was an ideal opportunity to engage young people in the design process and use their ideas to create a new logo.

Over the next few weeks we're going to be working with pupils from Acre Heads Primary School in Hull, and participants from Dyslexia Sparks, to learn about logo design. Participants will be developing their initial ideas and eventually pitching their finished designs to the client. By engaging these young people in this project, and taking their ideas seriously we're going to be really boosting their self-esteem and life skills, and 'sparking' their creativity whilst working for a real client on a real design job.

Photos by Dyslexia Sparks.

Session 1 Overview Video

More to come over the next few weeks!!

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