Show us your Spark - Workshop 3

Today saw our final workshop with our team of youngsters who have been designing a new logo for Hull based charity; Dyslexia Sparks.

We've had three sessions in total, and in each session our young design team has been developing and sharing new ideas, and exploring various ways of symbolising through logo design.

Today we refined all the ideas into 3 key logo themes that the client wanted to see developed, these being a 'brain' themed logo, a character or person based logo, and a logo made from letters. 

All the ideas are now being looked at by professional designers, and together with Dyslexia Sparks we'll be choosing elements from everyone's ideas to create a finished logo for the charity.

Watch this space! We'll be revealing the finished design soon!



As with all our projects, it's not just about the design and creativity, but the raised self esteem that comes from young people expressing themselves, and having their ideas listened to, and taken seriously. 

All of the projects we set give the young people involved a sense of responsibility by making them the lead creatives and decision makers in how the project pans out. Because of this, every time we run a workshop it has a different outcome. Our projects are creative and designed to be “fun", and as a result the young people involved don't immediately realise that they are learning vital skills that will help them in life.

Anyone wanting to support our work and our projects can sponsor as little as £10 to cover the cost of 1 child taking part in future Creative Briefs workshops. 

Well done, and thank you to everyone involved in this project, and a special thank you to all at Dyslexia Sparks for this opportunity.

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