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My logo design sketches

On Saturday Acre heads Primary Creative Briefs, Ships & Pigs and Dyslexia Sparks got together to design a logo for Dyslexia Sparks. 

First, Jane told us what dyslexia is and how it affects people. Then, we all went through the design process with Jason:

     * Initial ideas
     * Research
     * Development
     * Experiment
     * Refinement
     * Pitch

 When that was done, we had lunch and then everyone tried to remember what dyslexia was. Dyslexia is a type of brain issue/function as I remember it. The Dys stands for disability and lexia stands for language. It affects peoples ability to read and write properly because the letters get jumbled up. A way to remember this is to think of out of the box thinking or upside down thinking.  




When we had done that, Rebecca arrived and together we made a 3-D logo out of wooden letters.

When everyone had designed a logo, Rebecca took videos of each table sharing their work with each other.  

Then everyone packed up and left except, Me, Jason, Jane, Tahliah, Kianna, Zach and Rebecca. We all tidied up and picked up all the pens that were on the floor.

What a busy day!

Finally, We all went back to the cars and said goodbye and went back home.

I loved it! It was the best day ever!

By Emily
Age 8