Scarborough Diversity Projects

With funding from Children’s University and CoastOA , we worked in two projects, with Briercliffe Children’s Centre and Northstead Primary to ask ‘What does diversity look like?’

Working with the full team, young designers explored the topic of diversity and what it meant to them, leading to stop motion animations and large scale pieces of artwork currently displayed at The Street Scarborough and the Children’s Centre.

Briercliffe Children’s Centre

Look at all of of that work!


The young designers decided that stop motion would showcase diversity well, and learnt how to use professional camera equipment, narration and sound effects to create this impactful video.

Northstead Primary School

Northstead chose different themes for their project and came up with a series of animations and one large scale piece of artwork. Have a look at what Tegan from Northstead came up with.

Thats not all! Both of the projects were exhibited at Woodend Gallery as part of a final celebration event.