Scarborough Arts & Culture Tours

With funding from Essential Life Skills & Children’s University Scarborough, we delivered a series of tours taking young people out of the classroom to discover Arts & Culture in their local area.

The young designers were tasked with creating their own tour of their hometown, deciding on locations they could visit and designing their very own map with considerations of all the technical parts; such as timing, distance, cost and travel arrangements.


Young designers at Northstead designed their tours in the classroom, then armed with their maps took to the streets of Scarborough to make their tour a reality! They looked at Art Deco design features in their City Centre and theatre, as well as local artwork at Woodend Gallery.

Our videographer @Faace created this great video with what they thought of the Stephen Joseph Theatre


Young designers at Gladstone created a very different tour to Northstead, choosing to instead explore the castle and a church.

Scarborough Castle sparked a lot of creativity in Gladstones young designers!