Chewing Gum Gone!

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'Chewing Gum Gone' is a project working with young people to help tackle the problem of discarded chewing gum on the streets of Hull.

The project involves participants creating individual pieces of artwork, which will be painted onto specially designed bins for chewing gum. The theme of these pieces of artwork is set by local businesses who we hope will donate towards the project and the installation of the bins. The gum collected in the bins is recycled and made into new bins and other products such as frisbees, rulers, and hair brushes - it's really very clever!

In the workshops participants will be coming up with creative ideas for how the bins should look, and with our guidance they will also be in charge of project managing, making the key creative decisions, liaising with potential business sponsors, and promoting the project and their achievements, learning valuable life skills as a result.


Who has taken part?


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Through the support of different funders this project is being run with youth groups, schools, and with specialist learning groups.

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Bransholme Community Arts ENTERPRISE

Funded by Sir James Reckitt Charity and Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust, working with two groups to create designs for bins at the North Point Shopping Centre

Primary Schools

Funded by the Rank Foundation, we're working with schools and local businesses to design chewing gum bins for Hull City Centre and Humber Street.



Funded by The City Health Care Partnership Foundation, we're working with 'Creative Thinkers' to design chewing gum bins for local areas in Hull.


Why this project is important


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It's fun, and rewarding

Through this project we will have used creativity and fun to highlight the very real problem of chewing gum being discarded on our streets. We feel, however, that this is secondary to the emotional benefits this project will bring the young people involved. This project is rewarding; and the outcome of the project means that the young people will see a tangible finished product in use around the city, and gives them a chance to show what they have achieved to their peers and to their family, building their self-esteem and opening up their own expectations of what they can achieve. 

The full city will benefit

A survey by ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ recorded that 95% of streets in our country are stained by chewing gum and every single piece costs councils 10p to clean up. Meetings with Waste Management teams lead us to think that this figure is more like 50p. Aside from the cost issue, discarded chewing gum makes streets look unclean and uncared for, and despite the regenerations works in Hull City Centre, chewing gum continues to be dropped on our new pavements.

This project, therefore, will engage young people with a project that will contribute to their own well being, but also help to improve the appearance of their home city. To residents of Hull this project will achieve cleaner streets and show how the creative sector can make a difference to the well-being and pride of any community.


The Bins


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  • The Chewing Gum Bins are neat, small, unobtrusive, and with the help of our participants designs - bright and colourful.
  • They can be wall mounted or post mounted.
  • The bins are generally pretty versatile little pods and can be placed wherever necessary, and in visible places to encourage people to use them.
  • They are ideally placed in areas of high footfall, for instance: Entrances, exits, car parks, toilets, walkways, near other recycling stations, smoking areas etc.
  • The bins are metal, with inserts made from recycled chewing gum. The inserts are emptied whenever needed (usually anything up to 4 months)

With thanks to this project funders: