"The workshop was extremely engaging and aspirational for the children"


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In our school workshops we deliver fast paced, real live creative projects using hands on learning and collaborative engaging technology. All workshops can be tailored to be a one day event with one class, or spread over a week with multiple sessions with an exhibition of everyone's work at the end.

All of the projects we set give the students involved a sense of responsibility by making them the lead creatives and decision makers in how the projects pan out. Because of this, every time we run a workshop it has a different outcome. Our projects are creative and designed to be “fun", and as a result the students don't initially realise they are learning vital skills that will help them in future life.

All workshops listed below are £300 for one day and £250 a day for any consecutive days to additional groups. This price includes meeting with us, our preparation and outline of the day, and our time logging the event with edits supplied to you for your own promotion.

Our Workshops:


'Looking Forward with Lego'

Our most popular workshop explores life skills and aspirations for the future. What are you going to be in 10 years? What might you look like? What skills do you need to get these goals? We explore all these questions (and more!) with a fun activity using a mix of good old fashioned pen and paper, research material supplied by Hull Schools Library Services, and using new technology which gets everyone involved in designing and presenting their ideas.
This workshop could sit alongside the 'Roots and Routes' season of Hull 2017.

'Dino Display'

Prepare to be involved in a project which will test and refine your thought process. Everyone will design their own 'modern day dinosaur', and two winning dino designs will be transformed into 3D and painted by the full group. Everyone will be in charge of organising, curating, and promoting an exhibition, to show their group creations.
Schools can also book Steve, at  Dinostar - The Dinosaur Experience to be a part of this workshop.


'A Sculpture for Everyone'

Play your part in a bigger project for 2017! This workshop acts as a follow up to our Feature Project, A Flag for Hull, and involves painting your groups chosen flag design onto the side of old library books. This will create part of a bigger sculpture with other schools and organisations later in the year. Your full group will work together in this workshop, enhancing team work skills and project management skills and everyone will be in charge of promoting the sculpture.

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'Chewing Gum Gone!'

This creative project gives young people the chance to be directly involved in community action and to help raise awareness of the problem of discarded chewing gum on our streets by creating pieces of artwork around the theme of 'Community Pride'. Additional funding would mean that the finished artwork could be painted directly onto specifically designed chewing gum bins and installed near your school or organisation. 



A Flag for Hull