#SkillsThroughGills is a project working with Unemployed Adults in Hull. 

The aim of the course is for participants to organise and individually project manage a public exhibition of the artwork they create with us, demonstrating certain employability life skills, which they will develop with us over the course.

To do this, participants are working individually or in groups to create pieces of art based on Hull's architectural landscape and maritime history, and then with our guidance they will be in charge of organising, curating, and promoting an exhibition of their work for public display. The project is engaging through creativity and art, whilst developing tangible skills and work experience for CV’s through a fun activity.


Photo Gallery



Photography by @Photomoments


Why this project is important



Improving Employability Skills

The project will improve and develop essential life skills which local employers have told us are missing from many new recruits, so participants will be more employable, and better able to access future training, education and employment. The skills, such as team working, problem solving, being creative and innovative, researching, sharing ideas, giving and receiving feedback, and meeting deadlines are relevant in all careers. Yes, this project is engaging through art, but overall we are developing essential life skills in participants.

CV and Confidence Building

Participants will build up their CV with relevant experience, through the hands on learning outlined above. Some of the people we have worked with in the past have very little on their CV's and so this opportunity will make them better prepared, with skills to talk about in interviews, and with a live project on their CV and therefore they will be more employable individuals. 

The project gives the participants a sense of responsibility by making them the lead creative and decision makers in developing their project and their exhibition. The outcome of our project gives participants improved skills, and also confidence in their own abilities.

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