Walking with Dinostars


In November 2015 we launched a very exciting project to find a group of creative children between the ages of seven and ten to join our very unique Design Team.

The Design Team made the key decisions in the design, build, and promotion of a new exhibit at Dinostar Museum on Humber Street, Hull. The new exhibit featured four artifacts from the BBC’s 'Walking with Beasts' series and was installed in the museum for two months.



Photo Gallery


Photos by Graeme Oxby

And we’re finished! The Young Designers added a few last minute finishing touches, before opening the exhibition to the public. They were proud to present the finished exhibition to a huge crowd, along with journalists, photographers, students, parents and teachers. 
Well done Design Team! 

Photos by Graeme Oxby

Our Young Designers, with their Audition Day Dinosaur Designs, which secured their place in the Design Team.

Photos by Tahliah Brewer, age 8.

In our first session with the Design Team we met Claire from HERIB, who gave the team hints on how to design a great exhibition for someone with a visual impairment to enjoy. The Design Team spent a long time researching the Beasts which were to go on display, with help from Steve at Dinostar, and then in sub teams started to come up with initial ideas on their exhibition design based on all they had learnt.

Photos by Beth Jackson and Wayne Wolton

In this session, The Design Team developed and refined their design ideas into a presentation document. They met Stuart, the builder from Tecnica, and presented their designs to him so that he could advise them on how he could turn their ideas into reality.

Photos by Wayne Wolton.

Using video footage recorded by the Design Team


How did we find our Design Team?


On the 11th and 12th of December we held Audition Days, inviting children to come to Dinostar, and take part in a creative workshop, designing their own dinosaurs.

We showed the children the ‘Design Process’, and together we used the stages in the process to design some spectacular raptors and rex’s.

Children who were interested in joining the design team could then go into our ‘Audition Booth’, pitching their Dinosaur Design to camera, and justifying their design decisions.

We were inundated with excited young people, all wanting to take part. We had an expert team of judges to look through the audition tapes, and they all agreed that the final Design Team all possessed the attributes needed to work on this project.

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